Monday, 16 September 2013

Today's little Gems #1

Among the many gems that Grace uttered today;
Her response to Owen pulling my hair was  ‘Let me check your brain to see if it’s okay’. Running her fingers along my scalp she said ‘You know mummy. I can’t really see your brain. I can’t find it under all of your hair’.

When being asked to drink a glass of water, I tried to coax her into drinking the whole glass by explaining that everybody drinks water to keep healthy. I even showed her my cup of tea and told her I was drinking a big drink to keep healthy. ‘Yes’ she shouted. ‘But you gave me a big drink and I only need a little drink because I’m a little kid!’.
‘Drink the whole cup and you can have an episode of Numberjacks’… blackmail. Works 90% of the time.

While driving Nanna to the dentist, Grace said she was hungry and asked if we could go to the sweetshop. Trying my best to keep to my new no sugar rule, I told her no.
‘Yes, I want sweets please’.
‘No Grace. Not this week’.
Dragging out the ‘eeze’ in ‘Please’, she pleaded and pleaded.
‘No. You can have some fruit or something healthy when we get home’.
‘But sweets ARE a type of fruit’… since when? Nice try kiddo! 

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