Saturday, 21 September 2013

No baby spinach for our garden...

After playing in the garden, Grace came inside to give me a cuddle. Her breath smelt suspiciously like plant-like;

'Grace, have you been eating anything?’
'Have you been eating plants from the garden?'
'Will baby spinach grow into adult spinaches?’
‘Probably not’
‘Why not?’
‘Um… Because the farmers probably pick them out of the ground before they grow too big’
'Tell me the truth, is it because I keep eating them?’
‘Is that what you were eating outside?’
'I think baby spinach is for babies. And I'm not a baby so I'm not eating it ever again'.
'Were you eating spinach in the garden?'
'Or maybe baby spinach isn't a baby or for babies to eat. Maybe it's just a plant'.
'So you were eating spinach in the garden? Because there is no spinach in our garden'.
'Yes there is. There is baby spinach. I saw some'.
'When did you see some?'
'When I was eating it?'
'Can you show me what you were eating?'
'No. It's all gone now. I ate it all up'.
'I think it's best that we don't eat the plants in our garden. They aren't meant for eating'.
'So will I not have to eat salad any more?'
'You'll still have to eat salad just not the plants in the garden, okay?'
'But I like our spinach in the garden'.
'I don't think you ate spinach Grace'.
'I did. It's not going to be an adult now'
'Is that why you ate it?'

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