Monday, 16 September 2013

Enough room for two...

While laying in bed this morning I told Grace that I was getting up to go for a wee. In the blink of an eye she was up and racing along the hallway to the bathroom. I heard the lid slam down and her try to suppress her high pitched giggle. Giving it a second or two, I lazily rolled out of bed and stepped into the hallway. The door to the bathroom was wide open and there was Grace. Toilet lid down and sitting fully clothed on the toilet swinging her legs laughing at me.

‘Do you actually need a wee Grace? Because mummy does’
Shaking her head at me, Grace just giggled.
‘Okay then you have to move because I need a wee’.
Shaking her head again, Grace said ‘But I’m on the toilet. It’s my turn’.
‘Yes, but you’re not even using it’. Grace just giggled at me.
‘Seriously Grace. I do need to use the toilet so you’re going to have to move’.
Giggling she slid over a few inches then patted the empty toilet lid space next to her. ‘Okay. You can fit here too’.
‘There is enough room for two. Come on mummy’.
‘No. I’m not sharing a toilet with you’.
‘But I thought you said you needed a wee’.
‘Yes but you’re not supposed to share the toilet. It’s a one person at a time kind of thing’.
‘Is that because your bum is big?’
‘What why does everything with you come back to my bum or belly being big? Get off that toilet’.
‘No. It’s my turn. You’re just going to have to wait till I’m finished’.
‘But you’re not even using it’.
‘It’s still my turn’.
‘Fine’ I yelled. As  I stomped down the hallway back to bed. As soon as I settled back under the covers, I heard the toilet flush and Grace running down the hall way.
‘I’m finished mummy!’….

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